Many celebrities including Tiger Woods and Matt Damon have used hypnosis.
Take a moment to find out if hypnosis will be effective for you.

   1.  Do you suffer from a problem(s) that you have been unable to control with other methods?

   2. Do you believe hypnosis can help you with your problem(s)?

   3. Are you basically a trusting person?

   4. Have you ever daydreamed?

   5. Are you able to concentrate on an idea or thought?

   6. Are you open to new ideas?

   7. Are you able to follow directions or instructions?

   8. Are you willing to ask for help?

   9. Do you believe it's possible for a person to make changes in his/her life through the power of his/her mind?

  10. Do you enjoy reading fiction and get involved in the story?

  11. Are you able to sit or lie still for a period of time?

  12. If you were to imagine sucking on a sour, bitter, juicy, yellow lemon, would your mouth begin to water?

  13. Would you be considered an intelligent person?

  14. Have you ever meditated?

  15. Are you ready to making a change in your life?

If answered Yes to:

All 15 Questions

12 to 14 of the questions

Less than 12 to the questions