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Moureen O.

During the past six months, I was only sleeping about two hours a night (I require eight hours of sleep to feel rested and functional). After my first session, I noticed that I was able to take a nap, which is something I’ve never been able to do. Now, I am able to sleep from six to eight hours every night! On the rare occasions that I wake up in the middle of the night, I turn on my CD and I’m off to sleep again.

It only took two sessions with Heidi to achieve all of this. Heidi speaks very positive affirmations which both reassures me and inspires me. She is intelligent, talented and it is obvious that she really cares about helping people. She is a blessing in my life and I plan to let others know about her.

Carmen M.
Weight Loss

With weight loss hypnotherapy, I am amazed at how my eating behaviors have changed! It has been a subtle, but very powerful change for me.

Working with Heidi was delightful. Heidi takes time to get to know you personally, to fit the hypnotherapy to your personal needs, so the tapes are custom made for you, and you alone. The tape content is effective and relaxing. I usually go to sleep when I’m listening to them.

I can see major differences in the choices I am making as far as foods to eat, but most importantly, I am AWARE of how my emotions impact my eating behavior, and when I am conscious of them, it’s easy to choose the right foods and drinks for me.

I feel confident that one day soon, I will look in the mirror and see a huge difference in my appearance, but right now, I’m happy about the many changes happening within. Health and beauty within is reflected outwardly, and that’s the kind of beauty I want to show the world!

I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Heidi Carabine for anyone who has the desire to change their behaviors or patterns.

Ellis T.

Dear Heidi,

Just wanted you to know how much your CD has helped me with relaxing at bedtime with my sleep apnea! Listening each night has eased my mind and now I sleep very well.

Thanks so much.

Kristina S.

My name is Kristina. I began a journey to improve my life about three years ago. I made many changes in my life by switching to all natural medicine (since western medicine did me wrong). I was able to make many changes, but could not stop smoking cigarettes. I tried quitting cold turkey, and failed. I know I didn’t want to take any drugs to quit smoking. I tried it all; patches broke my skin out, gum tasted nasty and made me sick.

So, I began looking for a different approach. Why not get hypnotized? That’s when I found Heidi. I made my first appointment the day before my birthday, January 11, to quit smoking. I wanted to give myself the best present of all, to be a non-smoker. When I met Heidi, I knew we would get along. She is a wonderful, positive person and a joy to talk to you. I felt at ease with her and her voice. Just after my first session I quit smoking, and I continue to this day to be a non-smoker. I continue to see Heidi to help me improve other things in my life. She has helped me to be more positive in life, and to heal from my past and move forward. She has also helped me to deal with stress and to relax more. Heidi is a blessing from God. I urge you to see her to help you in your changes in life.

Patti A.

I was very surprised with Healing Pathways treatment of my chronic insomnia. I really didn’t believe it would work for me. I have tried numerous alternatives for my sleep disturbance and even resorted to strong RX medication which I prefer not to use.

As a health care provider in family practice, I thought I knew everything to “dish out” to my patients who suffer from the same symptoms that I do. I highly recommend hypnosis with Heidi at Healing Pathways as a first line of treatment, or for those who have tried just about everything else for insomnia and anxiety (the ultimate cause of chronic insomnia).

Heidi is gifted in that she maintains a very soothing and compassionate vocal skill. I have fallen asleep each night before the CD ends.

Colleen B.
Decrease Social Anxiety, Confidence Building, Insomnia

Dear Heidi,

The hypnotism session changed my life for the better! When I had the session last fall, I was a senior in high school. My goals were to be more outgoing, get a boyfriend, have fun, and sleep more. Although my mother brought me to the session hoping it would help me to wake up at my alarm, that wasn’t the main outcome.

At first after the session, I started to notice how much easier it was to really have conversations. People seemed remarkable somehow so I started to look for that. I found myself becoming more interested in others and in effect, becoming more interesting myself. Many of the people I talked to after the hypnotism session remarked on how interesting I was. That was new!

At the same time, I began to feel more confident about my attractiveness and by the end of the first month of listening to the tape, I had caught the attention of two sweet guys who both thought the world of me. By the end of the second month, I was exclusively dating the guy I chose, James.

During the final months of high school, I never really got enough sleep since my homework load was so heavy, but the sleep I did get was relaxing and deep due to the tape. However, by summertime my goal to sleep more was met. I can’t remember a night this summer that I didn’t get eight hours of sleep. I’ve never felt so refreshed. I began to enjoy myself more, and spent my summer actually going places with friends and doing fun activities. It was the most enjoyable summer I have ever had!

As for waking up at my alarm, well, I’m not sure that was ever really my goal. Thank you so much for helping me to be the better person I am today.

Christa B.
Become Smoke-Free

I knew that I had to quit smoking! This security blanket of mine was tattered and torn, and I knew that it really was not helping me no matter how good I’d gotten over the years at justifying this pattern of behavior. In the past, I had tried cold turkey, weaning myself off, and the patch. My challenge would be the long-term commitment to being smoke-free and defying any temptations to have just one cigarette.

I was at my doctor’s office for my yearly physical, and she and I had had this conversation before. I told her that intuitively I knew that hypnosis would help me to quit smoking once and for all. She referred me to Heidi Carabine.

Heidi is truly a genuine person, and she has a gift for helping other people to heal. As a counselor myself, I know how important the professional relationship is in assisting other people in their healing journeys. Heidi listens to her clients and makes the sessions and tapes unique for each individual.

I am going on 2 months plus of being smoke-free, and I still look forward to my at-home sessions, as I like to call them, which I try to do at least twice a day. The process is the most relaxing that I have ever tried and has never felt like some kind of tedious homework. I would have to say that one must utilize some self-discipline in doing the tapes at home, but I could not imagine them being anything but meaningful time to be with yourself and focus on your healing. I highly recommend hypnosis with Heidi for smoking cessation and any other personal healing challenge.

Sam E.
Weight Loss

When I finally came to a point where I was ready to lose weight, I did what I had done in the past – joined a gym, and tried a fad diet. I knew these tried and true methods would work based on previous experience. And we’ve all heard the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. I decided this time I would change my approach and do something different. I would try hypnosis.

I already knew in my mind why I had failed to lose weight in the past. I indentified key behaviors that had become so automatic, that no matter what I did to lose weight in the past, I would always gain it back. Snacking on the run between meetings, eating meals that were convenient instead of nutritious, eating so rapidly in an attempt to move on to the next thing; it’s no wonder my weight was out of control.

I needed a different approach that was sustainable. I needed to change my behavior to regain control of my body. I called Heidi and was very clear about my goals and expectations. I keenly understood that hypnosis wasn’t going to change what I ate. After talking to Heidi, we both concluded that what I really needed was a powerful change in my behavior that would empower and enable me to make automatic, invisible behaviors visible; and therefore controllable.

Three months later and 30 pounds lighter, I proved it.

Working with Heidi unlocked amazing personal power. Immediately, I was able to recognize patterns of behavior. Now, reaching for the snacks raised a red flag and sounded an alarm. I had to make a conscious decision to eat something. What was I eating? Why? Is it nutritious? Am I really hungry? In a split second, I would question what I was doing. No longer was it automatic. The pattern was broken!

We didn’t stop there. Heidi helped me recognize other limiting behaviors that prevented me from realizing my full potential. Self-confidence, my relationship with my children and my wife, and my performance at work suddenly made amazing positive shifts. Operating at a new level of energy and enthusiasm, everything in my life improved. Not steadily, but in huge leaps.

Working with Heidi, I gained an immense education in the quality of foods, and the body’s mechanisms that create hunger, energy, and emotion. I also learned techniques to instantly alter my state, making me able to relax completely or focus powerfully with energy and intent.

Hypnosis has helped me to break my patterns of behavior that contributed to my weight gain. And after working with Heidi, I am now equipped with the power to change my life now – no waiting required – and enjoy every minute of my life.