Will hypnosis be effective for me?

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Weight Loss / Eating Disorders

Eat right, exercise and have more energy than you've ever imagined with hypnosis.

Improve Study Skills / Relieve Test Anxiety

Improve memory concentration and memory retrieval. Students will feel confident and prepared for upcoming tests.

Stress / Anxiety Relief

Decrease stress and anxiety without excessive use of medications. Create new and better ways to deal with daily stress.

Overcome Phobias

Phobias can include: social anxiety, fear of heights, fear of flying, claustrophobia, public speaking, and more. No matter how permanent you might think your fear is, hypnosis can help you overcome it.

Pain Modification

Hypnosis has been proven to help individuals with frequent or chronic pain. This practice is successfully used in Russia and China in lieu of anesthesia.

Motivation, Self-Discipline, and Perseverance

Get passionate and back on track with life goals and dreams!


Make the birth of your child a comfortable experience without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Hypnosis can reduce fears and anxieties relating to the birth experience.

Anger Management

Gain control of your negative emotions and remain calm and centered. Hypnosis can change spontaneous, automatic reactions and turn them into more positive, constructive behaviors.

Become Smoke-Free

You can become smoke-free! Whether you have been using tobacco for 5 or 50 years, hypnosis can eliminate the psychological addiction that results from the use of these products. Hypnosis has been proven effective against both addictions and dependencies such as smoking.


Ease into sleep and stay asleep. Wake up refreshed, alert and ready to go without the use of medications.

Pre & Post Surgery Anxiety

Say goodbye to disruptive anxiety and fears associated with medical or dental procedures. Hypnosis helps promote a better recovery.

Past Life Regression

Individuals seeking to access past memories in their life or that believe in past existences, will find hypnosis a useful and safe method for doing this. Hypnosis is beneficial for past life regression because it uses the subconscious ,the area where root causes exist, to address the specific answers and solutions to problems. Hypnosis enables a person to access needed past information safely and harmoniously.

Compulsive Behaviors

With Hypnosis you can eliminate unwanted behaviors and implement good, desired behaviors. Compulsive behaviors such as nail biting, binge drinking and excessive negativity, to name a few, can be overcome and replaced with positive, desired habits.






& Many More!


Healing Pathways Hypnosis Center requires 24 hours notice for any canceled appointment. If the client fails to inform Healing Pathways Hypnosis Center staff of their absence with prior 24 hour notice of their scheduled appointment, the client will be responsible for 50.00/hr. due to their missed appointment. We are sincere and dedicated in helping you obtain your life goals. Thank you for your cooperation.